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Chantel Lauren x The Cheap Seats Podcast

Chantel Lauren x The Cheap Seats Podcast

The cowgirl behind the brand - Chantel Lauren sits down with "The Cheap Seats" Podcast to talk about the one and only, international wedding brand: Chantel Lauren Bridal. 

Inspired by the infamous "Cinderella", but more specifically the mice that helped sew a dress - you'll learn how a brand that started on a kitchen table, in a tiny Salt Lake City apartment turned into the international icon that it is today. This is the story of a cowgirl thats been bucked off more than a few times, but always (without fail) hopped back in the saddle. 

You don't want to miss this! Listen here:

The Cheap Seats, a podcast all about entrepreneurship and business is hosted by Ty Irving and Brigid Bradshaw Carr.