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Pioneering the Modern Western Bride

Pioneering the Modern Western Bride

We didn't invent the cowboy hat, or cowboy boots. We don't rope or ride horses on a ranch. However, we do feel responsible for pioneering the modern day 'Western Bride'. Chantel was raised a Texan and she won't go 5 minutes without mentioning the great state (God bless it). Western culture runs deep in the heart of Chantel Lauren (clap, clap, clap) and is the base of each and every design, styling choice, and photoshoot. Chantel Lauren Law #1: If it ain't the Texas way, it ain't Chantel Lauren's way.

Our Favorite Gowns styled for a 'Modern Western Bride'

Tammy (Collection - 2019)

Mae (Collection - 2015)

Kacey (Collection - 2019)

Jolene (Collection - 2019)

Allie (Collection - 2020)

Eleanor (Collection - 2020)

Odessa (Collection - 2018)

Dallas (Collection 2018)

Carolina (Collection - 2020)

Western Culture is sometimes more than just a few accessories, it's a lifestyle, an attitude and that's Chantel Lauren. We hope whichever gown you choose, you make it an expression of something you're passionate about.