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Who is Chantel Lauren?

Who is Chantel Lauren?

At some point you may have found yourself asking some questions about us, that you may have not found the answers to just yet in your life. We're writing this one to help you out. Those questions you've been pondering might be "Who am I?" "What am I doing here?" "Where am I going?".... err, well, we can't actually answer those questions.. So I'll be answering another set of questions commonly asked by people who stumble on to Chantel Lauren Via the many avenues that is the internet.

"Who is Chantel Lauren?"

Chantel Lauren is the name sake brand of the Chantel Lauren. Simple not a Ralph Lauren Spinoff, even though we wouldn't mind being associated with the king himself. Myth says Chantel was handed Sewing machine before she left the hospital as new born, and at this point we cannot confirm or deny it. We, however do know that she's been sewing for a while now (20+ years or something), and has a killer eye for making sure you'll looking absolutely stunning on your wedding day. Chantel Lauren is run by Chantel and Tyler, a husband and wife duo. Both specialize in different aspects of the business and are able to bring the brand to reality from their individual life experiences. Chantel takes rolls of fabric to elegant gowns, orchestrates the killer social feed and is a boss CEO of all things Chantel Lauren. Tyler often helping with behind the scenes, creative direction and of course putting paint to fabric. Like I said, a true Duo.


Even though we love the name and the Main Gal behind the Brand, Chantel Lauren is much bigger. 

Chantel of Chantel Lauren

What is Chantel Lauren?

Chantel Lauren is for the creatives, for the dreamers, for Independent thinkers. For anyone who is looking to stand on their own and show their confidence. Chantel Lauren is a voice to be extraordinary and extension of you.

We believe that all our brides have a voice, a creative mind, whether they think so themselves or not. Our goal wasn't to serve the same dress, different day. It has always been our goal to bring a fresh colorful look to bridal and our other offerings (sometimes with literal color, sometimes white) We might be a bridal line at face value, but once you step in Chantel Lauren you will quickly realize its so much more. Every one of our pieces we create gets a name, gets a story, gets a piece of our team. They have a heart, they have soul, they are just missing "you"

Dallas Wedding Dress

Whats with the paint? 

Thats a great question, Chantel Lauren wasn't started with color and we are well aware we weren't the first to incorporate it into our line. There have been many before us and many to come. It did however shape us and help us bring the vision to reality. 

The gown that gave us momentum was our Mae Gown, She was our girl. The first one Tyler ever put a paint brush too. She original was for a photo shoot, and then would be retired indefinitely. Once the photos were posted inquiries came from all over. Everyone wanted that blue dress, which gave her ap

Where is Chantel Lauren?

Our Flagship Boutique is located in Salt Lake City, UT. We are a small handmade company, our line is carried in few boutiques around the USA and select Boutique is Europe. You can find the list here.

We are always working to make our pieces more readily available. Slowly but surely we will get there

Brides to be are more than welcome to come visit our boutique in SLC, Make an appointment here. We love to meet you, and be apart of your story.

Thats what it all about.


Flagship door

What goes on at the Flagship?

Our Flagship is split right down the middle. Half boutique, that carries all our current styles, and the other half the production/design studio. All our wedding gowns are made right next to where they meet their bride. No curtain, no smoke and mirrors, just transparency.

Day to day, you'll see the Chantel and the team cutting and sewing. Spinning up new designs and planing photoshoots. It all happens right behind you as you're in your bridal appointment (most of the time)

More to come, and more to see behind the flagship walls. Come stop in, check out our selection of jewelry and lingerie while you browse the gown selection. 

Hope to see you soon.